Now and then again, just talks about unfinished or seemingly closed chapters in our lives that resurface and either puts our current phase on hold or influences it.

The book is a christian fiction written by Bonnie Hopkins on the life, journey and christian walk of Savannah Sinclair.

Vann is a christian lady in her fifties who has worked all her life and has made something for herself, managed to buy almost a dozen properties with her pension and benefits and feels in her spirit God telling her to retire. She engaged in a lot of volunteerism with child advocacy, prayer phone line for a radio station and was actively involved in service in her church.

On one of her child advocacy trips, she had it hot with the judge because she had dealt with that case time and time again but the judge wasn’t considerate as regards the welfare of the children. One thing led to another and the judge found himself liking Savannah Sinclair. Things turned out to be in their favour and their parts crossed severally. After so many attempts to start on the right foot given the circumstances they met, they eventually kick off a relationship.

Vann who is now retired has never had a child or never gotten married. However, she has been engaged three times. Two of her fiancé’s died and one cheated on her. So imagine the trauma she must have with serious relationships. Mitch the judge on the other hand, was married for fifteen years in the military with two older children. His wife asked for a divorce because she couldn’t cope with his absence. He later had an affair with a lady from the church years later that produced his last son but didn’t lead to marriage because the lady revealed her real character after wards

Vann’s mother rejected her while she was young and all attempts from vann to reach her proved futille. She never knew her father, grew up with her grand parents. 30 years after her last attempt to reach out, suddenly her mother reaches out to her through her aunties because she needs help as her children have deserted her. He grand ma passes and on the burial her father comes out of the blue.

Dealing with retirement, opening herself to love after all these years, struggling with the hurt and flesh as a christian to forgive her mother and practicalise her christianity or risk restlessness in her spirit.

You know that phase you’re in when you’re like “you know what, I’m choked up. I need to breathe” but life doesn’t pause for you, decisions need to be made and fast and you can’t really get the emotional break you’re looking for…WHAT DO YOU DO?

Trust God like Savannah Sinclair and everything will be just fine.


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