It’s Friday and yes, sisters when I’m done, I’m prolly sure you be snapping your fingers and telling me “go girl, that’s it”

My brothers in the house, if the shoe fits, biko wear it with all dignity.

How do you approach a lady;

Say you guys have been on each other’s contact list, acquaintances at most, barest minimum of friendship and maybe you’ve been seeing her posts and all. Perfect woman that has everything you’re looking for, you’ve started nursing these feelings small small and instead of you to slide in the dm carefully and tactfully.

You enter and expose your zero level of emotional intelligence and start telling aunty how you’ve been admiring her, you like her, you miss her, even say you’ve been praying to God about her, you love her, you see a future with her. Come, I wanted to tell you SHUTUP! But I’m not angry so keep quiet please 😂.

You’re in level 10 because you’ve been nurturing your feelings for some time but this aunty is in level 0 because she’s totally unaware. So I’m giving out common sense to you today. Don’t worry, it’s free. I’m not charging you. START WITH FRIENDSHIP, MAKE HER YOUR FRIEND UNCLE.

In doing that, you may even find out that you can’t handle some important parts of her and that’s okay, doesn’t stop you from admiring and complementing other parts.

Stop cheating yourself from getting decent and beautiful friendships simply because you refused to tame your impatience and go for knowledge.

If you want to tell a girl I miss you, I like you, I love you and you have even the slightest of doubt that she won’t say it back or at most she will say “awwn”. It’s a clear indication that you’re not on the same level.

Dear men I love you people ehn, stop doing this to yourselves.

Love, Lois.

Enjoy your Friday with this page from my “how to slide in the dm for dummies”😂😂😂. If the shoe fits, wear it with pride and change ooo. I love you ehn ❤️


  1. This post is really awesome. Short but straight to the point. It’s like listening to the normal Lois.Keep it up👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 I’m a fan.


  2. What else can I do but to laugh 😃😃😃😃, the write up is funny to me because I was once on the table Lois is shaking now, (but I have changed oh), though I love the write up it really insightful.

    Keep it up Lois👍


  3. Ehnmmm Lois come o… this one makes sense o. Please give more detailed techniques. How can we carry on the parade very well? Especially when you feel you’ve made her a friend ehn? Just give the correct tactics please. I want to seriously start ‘shooting my shots’ please miss Lois

    Liked by 1 person

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