Hi guys, so this is going to be a funny and nostalgic post because it’s children’s day😊. I’ll be telling you some of the funny things I did growing up. You might relate to some of them if you’re a Nigerian. However, the bottom line is to take your mind back a bit just for the fun of it. Who knows what will be stirred up. So let’s go.

For starters, every time the painter or my dad painted our rooms, automatically, it felt like a fresh page in our drawing book was opened lol and we would wait for some days then bring out our crayons and go straight to work drawing our stick men (It’s like this indomie generation cannot draw stick men…they’re drawing on their ipad😭😂)

My siblings and I would play dress up and act Mini Nollywood where we depicted pregnancy with our blown balloons and corporate attire was my mums heels and bag.

My sister and I had play dolls and my mum’s hair relaxer, shampoo and conditioner was automatically for the dolls. Whenever she wanted to use it on her hair, she was always wondering why it wasn’t the same way she left it (I just put my invisible shades on).

We would save our sweet containers from school and take ingredients in the kitchen when my mum wasn’t around to cook for our dolls and sometimes we would make garri cake with garri and butter for their birthdays and also sew cloths for them.

Yes, my sister and I also took my mum’s left over attachment anytime we found them to make their hair. We did a lot of funny things and then boom, we grew up. I hear my mates are even getting married…lol.

Don’t laugh at my childhood stories alone. Feel free to comment your childhood memories so we can all laugh too. If you know me very well, you’ll know I’m still a child at heart.

Happy children’s day😊❤️


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