Hi guys, so today I’ll be doing some needful ranting. Let’s get into the business of the day.

Couple of weeks ago (still valid),

I was ranting about a topic on my whatsapp platform and most times when I rant on my WhatsApp I just want to rant without anybody’s opinion, a different side to it, a different approach of whatever. Like, JUST LET ME RANT IN PEACE.

A friend of mine in a good bid to calm me down got on the wrong foot unfortunately and it just killed my vibe towards the friendship. At that point, I just needed my space from him immediately cause that “good bid” was a huge turn off. So why am I saying this?

Whenever people are ranting about a subject matter or angry about something. Currently (Racism, Rape, Police brutality)


If they didn’t ask for your help to see a different side in the heat of that moment, please withdraw on your own and talk to them when they are in a better state because you have no idea how your words could seem to invalidate their experience and emotions.

I assure you that a triggered person is not mentally sane. He/she is speaking physiologically so don’t try to be the savior of someone having an emotional outburst especially if you’re not family or a close friend. You can approach when you notice the person is a bit calm.

Don’t be insensitive to people’s feelings.

It’s that simple guys, keep advocating, keep lending your voice to humanity, keep clamoring for change. Your voice matters, silence is taking the side of the oppressor. It “may” be your turn someday, posterity WILL NOT be nice to you because you kept quiet.

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