It’s Friday guys and in as much as I want to rant with the different messed up situations we’re facing right now as a country from rape, borrowing of the presidency, mental redemption as a nation, police brutality, parental reformation, the safety of our unborn children in this present Nigeria… Oh, the list is long. I wouldn’t want to fill your mind with detailed negativity and so I’ll just leave you with this poem.

Regardless of the mistaken identity,

Regardless of the fact that I break my heart over and over again even though I’m totally clueless,

Regardless of the times I’ve labelled my toxic emotions and lacked the will to positively re-enforce,

Regardless of the moments I look at my blessings so much that I start feeling like it’s a curse,

I have Jesus.

I struggle with my will,

I struggle with debris from my past,

I struggle with memories from time immemorial,

I know, I know,

I shouldn’t give the past the power to hurt me.


What happens when the past entangles itself with the present.

Oh yes, you thought you ran away…


You’re left to face the same hurt though presented in a different uniform,

And you can’t seem to let go, Shake it off, act like it’s okay, perfect the whole situation.


I don’t have all the answers, I’m not flawless. That is why I’m not going to tell you I have a solution to this and so…

I say again

I have Jesus.

Have an amazing weekend guys and try to preserve your sanity even if that means getting of social media for sometime.

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