Hi guys, so irrespective of everything happening, I’ll drop this here.

So I was having a chat with a very close friend some days back and realization hit me.

We got into the year, work, all my men drama and at some point, my well was running out of water fast. I was thinking of unnecessary things and letting them weigh me down. Until the phone saga and all of that but here’s the main deal.

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot, listening to a lot. I watch some good things on YouTube and sometimes I throw in an online course and I noticed something profound.

I’ve been so occupied with new knowledge and growth. Thinking, learning, understanding that recently, I can’t remember the last time I had an empty day, the last time I wanted SO BAD to face time, video call, wanted to talk to someone AND if i didn’t find, felt bad.

I’ve been so enough with God definitely buttttt Don’t get me wrong.

I gist with my girls on a regular and other friends but I don’t make my day revolve or be solely dependent on people or what’s going on in their lives because hey, uhmmm I’m kinda occupied with mine.

You should try it, it doesn’t hurt I promise and watch yourself grow. All those people that think you can’t do without messaging them, change their perception.

Call it a distraction, say I’m running away, label it whatever but I’ll just throw this one at you which highlights everything. I HAVE PEACE!


  1. I have peace jare… label it whatever….
    Better live your live babe…. Ooin!! You’re doing well😃☺


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