Hi guys, it’s Friday and pardon me for the little length addition as opposed to what you’re used to. This just had to be said and in one post.

Reading Acts of the Apostles 4 [The Bible] and I was just wondering; What did Jesus do to the Pharisees to get this much hate?

It was in accordance with the scripture that he was to die. Oya, you have killed him now, what’s your business with a dead man’s name? Why taunt and police the disciples not to speak his name?

So I made my research and I’ll tell you the necessary things only.

The Pharisees were basically a social movement made up of people with a school of thought on keeping high morality and spirituality So yeah,set awon RIGHTEOUSNESS POLICE. Remember Jesus called them brood of vipers. Outwardly, they wore the saintly garments. Inwardly they were all forms of messed up.

Jesus was taking all the attention from them because anywhere he went, multitudes followed him. He sat with the sinners and dined with them rather than condemned them while the Pharisees sat with their cliques in their class and only enforced their personal traditions with the law. These people were not poor people from what I understand so they could influence things their school of thought indulged. Now let’s bring it home.

Your name is your identity, what speaks for you as a person in your entirety. The Pharisees were angry with Peter in Acts 4 because they thought they got rid of Jesus but his name was still speaking for him through the disciples and they didn’t want that.
When your name is mentioned in a room, what similar words are rotating about you from everyone?

If they hated Jesus that much, A whole Son of God without good reason, WHO ARE YOU THAT PEOPLE WILL NOT HATE YOU? So you’re not the first person to be hated (give yourself another EXCUSE why you’ve not put yourself out there).

Like the Pharisees, people will hate you because:
You came into their field and you’re doing better than them, you’re more transparent, open, genuine and trust worthy.
Your business/lifestyle is void of segregation and class oppression.
Damn, people are going to hate you because you’re switching up the game, revealing inner secrets to success and leveraging on that.

The highlight of it all is that there’ll always be pharisees not too far from you but the good news is that you’ve got Jesus and all you need to do is to anchor yourself to him and he’ll always make a way out for you.

Happy Democracy day to Nigerians all over the world❤️

Further reading: https://www.ligonier.org/blog/why-did-pharisees-hate-jesus-so-much/


  1. Awesome article! The hate speech is not to make us draw back but keep moving. A saying says when you start to be hated by people, it means you’re doing something different from what they are doing. Bigs up Lois!!

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