The Central African country, Democratic Republic of The Congo has over 200 ethnic groups of which there are majorly four tribes.

Today, we’d be looking at some of the ethic groups that are found in Congo.


The Kongo ethnic group also known as Bakongo is the native ethnic group of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This tribe is also found in the Republic of Congo and Angola.

The Kongo people speak Kikongo language which is a native language, they also speak Lingala and French.

The Kongo tribe mainly practice agriculture along with fishing and trading activities.


The Luba tribe of Congo is one of the four largest ethnic groups in Congo which makes up 18% of the total population. The Luba people are sometimes referred to as Baluba.

This ethnic group is made up of different similar Bantu groups. The Luba people are natives of the Kasai, Katanga and Maniema regions in Congo.

The Luba people practice fishing as they are along the Congo River, livestock rearing and other agricultural activities.


The Mongo ethnic group of Congo consists of small groups which make up the main group. It includes Mbole, Ekonda, Bolia, Nkutu and Boyela. These groups speak the Mongo language but with different dialects.

The Mongo people practice agriculture as a major occupation and also hunting, gathering and fishing.


The Mangbetu ethnic group is one for the major ethnic groups in Congo migrating from Sudan into Congo during early times. In past times, they had a distinctive elongated head shape which was obtained by wrapping the head of babies with a tight cloth material.

The Mangbetu tribe practice artistic activities such as sculpting, pottery, music and building.


The Moru ethnic group can be found in Congo and South Sudan where they are natives to. They speak the Moru language and practice agriculture, trading, hunting and fishing.

Written and edited by Ebenezer Oladokun

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