Hi guys, so at the NYSC camp(Nigeria), the camp commandants and the soldiers usually shout “Are you readdddddddddddy?” and we respond. They do it with a lot of energy and we have to respond with the same intensity else we get punished. I got the question from a book I was reading however. So away from all the running around the bush.

I had this project that I wanted to further so I contacted a friend and told him what it was about and what I wanted. He told me he was going to work on it sand give me a presentation. During the course of him working on it he was asking me some strange questions. These questions were not strange like out of the context of the work but in my mind, I was like ‘is all of this necessary?’ but I kept it to myself.

Fast-forward, he was done with the project and we had a meeting were he was going to present it to me and I was totally blown away. The packaging was excellent and everything was just right. So what was the problem exactly? I’m not ashamed to admit to you guys, I wasn’t ready. The project I had worked on that was supposed to be the reason for his own work/ presentation was sub-standard compared to his own work so what are we talking about here?

I told him I wasn’t ready because I definitely had to go back to my drawing board to bring my project up to the standard and pedestal he was setting me on to ensure we were on the same page.

We get ready for work, school, weddings, church events, social gatherings. Make-up on fleek, hair bouncing and nails well polished. Infact, eye brows well arched as if they used compass but are we actually emotionally ready to take the desired actions WE KNOW WE NEED in our careers, relationships, education?

Some of us say we’re catching our breath but you’re not left out.

What are you getting ready for?

What are you making mental preparations for?

Think on these things as you progress with your week.

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