The traditional clothing of the people of Congo for both men and women is made from Raffia made from Raffia Palm. This style of clothing for both men and women has begun to fade due to civilization and it is mainly used during traditional ceremonies.

The clothing style of the people of Congo is known as Liputa which means colourful as their dresses are made with bright colourful materials. This can be found in the local markets. Liputa are designed and worn for different events and purposes.

The women of Congo wear long skirts and tops which is the main fashion style. These are made with bold patterns and  colours and are complemented with headdresses. The culture of the Congolese allows women to wear skirts and dresses, and not pants/trousers although modern day fashion has allowed women to put on pants/trousers which are western-made or made from liputa.

The men of Congo wear a long shirt which is a traditional dashiki-style shirt or button down shirts accompanied with long pants/trousers.

Written and edited by Ebenezer Oladokun

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