Dear Women

Hi guys, it’s Friday and yeah we’re talking about something bubbly today. A month ago, I made a post titled “Dear Men”. Today it’s the women’s turn.

If you haven’t read “Dear Men”, here’s the link

So let’s talk ladies…

You know that you’re not going to die if you tell that uncle you like him? This is the only green light I can consider please😂 because it’s so green that it gives uncle clarity and leaves him with the option of moving forward or not 😂 and you can also know who you’re given up on and quit your false hopes.

I’m not saying ask uncle out and say “be my boyfriend” NO please, we’re not doing that. We’re just giving you information that may or may not be useful to you. I like putting it that way 😂

Now, I know you people are going to say “what if he doesn’t like me back, ah me I cannot oo, he will think I’m cheap, it’s the man’s role”… yada yada yada BUT let me ask you sha.

As you’re dying in silence, do you like it?

As he posts a lady’s picture on his social media and according to my friend, your heart is doing kikum kikum and you want to fling your phone, do you like it?

As you just see a dm from him and you’re grinning ear to ear and uncle has no clue, don’t you feel like there’s no hope for you?😂

Slideeeeeeeeeeee into that dm, Girl slideeeee. I don’t know how you want to do it, you can pour water on the floor, slip and fall inside his dm, sliding on banana peels would also be a good idea😂. Here’s the hard part however.

Please ehn, slide with substance. You cannot be sliding into some guys instagram or twitter that has “sense”, driven etc and you’re telling him how he looks good on the gram or his following is impressive. Uncle will tell you thank you then what next?

Whatever your calibre of man , please, try sliding in with substance and a good conversation starter. Could be a post he made on his page, or something even random relating to things he’s interested in because you’ve checked his ig before hand😂😉. I’m giving you scopes because I practice what I preach😎.

As always, you may find out you don’t want him as a partner but a friend. It’s also a good way to make friends if you’re interested. You never can tell when you’ll need them because it is indeed a small world.

Have a rethink this weekend and dm that man. You’ve got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO LOSE. You shouldn’t be proud, dying in silence and perpetually single at the same time😂. I love you too😂😂❤️. Once again, TGIF!


    1. Do you really not know what to say or you’re scared if the outcome might not be what you’re expecting?


  1. I don’t really buy the idea of you telling the guy your feelings (its good tho) especially when he’s not matured
    You get my point
    Some guy think like babies

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I get your point hun. So it’s important you understand the psychology of the guy you like before taking steps.


      1. Yh sure😂
        But a guy won’t show his true colour at first that’s the thing

        I mean his immaturity 😂😂
        It could be a long walk before you see flaws

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      2. My dear, take it to the Lord in prayer and pay attention to your instincts and spirit. Let them rule over your feelings.


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