The Democratic Republic Congo has a list of diverse languages and is among the countries with the most languages in the world having over 200 languages.

The official language of Democratic Republic of Congo is French which is the lingua franca. There are also four major languages considered to be the national languages, these includes:


Kikongo is considered the national language of Congo according to the constitution of the country. This language is also known as Kituba.


This language is spoken in the central Congo area which is a Bantu language spoken in Kinshasa and was originally spoken in upper Congo.


This language is spoken by the Swahili people and consists of a variety of versions.


There are two versions of Tsiluba language spoken in Congo. The Luba-Kasai and the Luba-Lulua that are spoken in the East Kasai Region and the West Kasai Region respectively.


Hello – Mbote

How are you? –  Ndenge nini?/Ndango nini?

Reply to How are you? – Malamu/Nazali malamu (I am well)

Good morning – Mbote

Good afternoon – Mbote

Good evening – Mbote

Goodnight –  Butu elamu

Goodbye – Tokomonana/Kende malamu/Tikala malamu

What’s your name? – Kombo na yo?

My name is… – Kombo na ngai…

Where are you from? –  Owuta wapi?

I’m from… – Na wuti na…

Yes – Ee

No – Te

Sorry – Nandimi te/Bolimbisi/Limbasa ngai

Thank you – Merci/Botondi/Natondi


Hi – Mbote

How are you? – Ebwe nge?

I’m good, thanks – Mono ke mbote, matondo/melesi

And you? – Ebwe nge si?

What is your name? – Nki kele zina na nge?

Nice to meet you –  Kiese ya kuzabana na nge

How old are you? – Nge ke na mvula ikwa?

I’m 33 years old – Mono kele na mvula makumi tatu na tatu

Sorry – Lolula mono

Where are you from? – Nge me katuka wapi

Congratulations – Lungonia

Written and edited by Ebenezer Oladokun

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