Hi guys, TGIF!!!

So you know that I like to keep it a hundred with y’all and I just say it how it is. Including how I feel. This one is not going to be an exception.

Couple of weeks back, I talked to an ex and I always find it difficult to EMOTIONALLY let go of people I really love because well, I can be an emotional crackhead. PHYSICALLY, I just block you and take you off my space. Not negatively but I think everybody likes fresh air🤷🏽‍♀️. Shout out to all the emotional crack heads that love with all their heart. Y’all are doing well.

I mean, I’ve let you go, go and enjoy your life but then y’all know all the what if’s that come into play when you meet another guy, scare of heart break and all of that (I really don’t want to over flog this). The point however is…

Like me, stop saying to yourself “sigh, it’s complicated”. You’ve been saying it’s complicated for how long? One, two, three…months, years??? C’mmmmon.

You’ve got to start intentionally telling yourself that you’re going to step into a new love because you can and because it’s available. Set mental conforming reminders, subdue that fear, you’re in charge here hunny.

Nothing like “I don’t think I’m ready” . I tell myself this almost every time and I get so overwhelmed sometimes it feels like I’m going to hyper ventilate. Well, I don’t know about you but yeah it feels this that I’ll never be ready. So tell yourself the truth and better start making yourself ready.

It’s not as complicated as you make it seem. You just need to subdue the fear and embrace whoever is offering that new love😊 that is if you want the person. I’m also not telling you to rush into anything before you start thinking this post if God speaking to you. Snap out please!. What I’m saying is, if everything looks good and your mind is at peace, no need for dilly dally.

This post also transcends to all the “it’s complicated decisions”. Shake your shoulders and breathe😂😂. You’ll be just fine. Have an amazing weekend.


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