GIST 101

Hi guys, it’s Wednesday and I’ll just give you random gist. So I witnessed this personally and I felt I should share.

On this particular day before the lockdown, I was heading to work and I went to my regular park so I could get a cab to my work place.

The taxi driver was waiting for passengers to come and in the course of that, a call came in and he was totally into the conversation and forgot to check if his passengers were complete for him to start making his trip.

One of the passengers got offended and told him in Nigerian Vernacular:

“oga you dey craze, we dey stupid wey wake up for morning commot”

Loosely translated in English as:

“Mr, are you mad? We that left our houses this early morning are we stupid for you to be wasting our time with a phone call”

The driver immediately picked offense and charged towards the man that why would he insult him just for “100Naira”.

Immediately, the short man that was the passenger just picked up a big block that was by the road side and wanted to hit the driver with it. The situation really escalated and went from zero to a 100. I was really appalled because if people didn’t separate them, that’s how someone would have lost his life there.

1st advice: I don’t really know if it’s true that you can’t divorce short people and anger issues so I don’t want to sound stereotypical but please avoid them and anyone when they’re angry😫.

2nd advice: You don’t know what people are going through. Regardless of your anger issues please approach is key and can avoid unnecessary drama. If the driver was approached with caution everything wouldn’t have escalated.

Lastly, please be very observant and cautious. It’s not every case that you say “we die here” before you really die. The streets are street please. Both the ones that have and do not street light.

Be safe!


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