Hi guys,

So I put out a different post. I knew long before time that it was World Youth Skill Day but I didn’t give it so much thought. However, I realized there were a lot of things to be said so I had to retrace my steps and correct myself.

A lot of you (yes I’m not among this time), your prayer points revolve around “God bless me, open doors for me, send me my destiny helper, success overflow”. Let me ask you, How exactly do you want God to bless you? God should open doors for you then look at your face and say what? Where does the success want to flow first to before you even say overflow? Your destiny helper should locate you when you yourself, you have no current picture of what your destiny is like? C’mmmmmon, stop stressing God’s ear when you’ve not done the needful.

The likes of Brodashaggi, Taoma, Lasisi, Lois Tarikabor that we know today for their skills, they started somewhere, the skills did not end in their head but somehow you’re on social media 24/7 with all your imaginary ideas and you’re just double tapping on people’s pictures. You have some change in your bank account, youtube and google at your disposal; Why are you not daring to dream?

Today I’m challenging you, yes you, START SOMETHING NO MATTER HOW LITTLE. From Nigeria, you still need AMAZON in the U.S who says you can’t re-invent and spice up your own Amazon in Nigeria? Point is, there’s nothing like “Everybody is doing it”. Yes they are but not with your own style and know-how. GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY.

I celebrate with every youth that has a skill. No matter how little, take consolation in the fact that God has a channel he can reach and bless you. Financially, outreach wise and transformationally.



  1. Ikr. It’s so easy to want and wish for what others have but forget about the work they put in to get to where they are.

    I am taking your advice and setting up. Thanks boo🥰

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