Hi guys,

If you’re Nigerian, the title of this post prolly got you in some way but contrary to the popular belief of the emotion or suggestion it gives, I’m just here to lift your spirits today.

To tell you that,

I know you’re tired,

I know your looking at the analytics report every month ending,

I know you’re looking at your post or buyer engagement and then you’re not just stoping there but you’re placing it side by side with those big brands.

You close your eyes and the only question that keeps coming to your mind is “God what am I not doing?”, “where am I missing it or have I missed it already?”

It may not look like it but the fact that you’re DARING to dream is very powerful. There is power in your journey, growth in your knowledge, capacity in your experience, strength in your mistakes and through it all, available grace.

Keep hanging in there, thrive in your purpose, don’t give up. God is watching you climb the stairs to the house he has already built for you. I know you want to take the elevator but God is saying, you’ll miss out on the detailing and the beauty of every floor and finish. Keep climbing because the view from the top will definitely be satisfying.

See you on Friday with our podcast😊


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