Hi guys, so the month is coming to an end and so I decided to spice up this week. Best believe I have like 30 things down on my list but I’ll roll them out in bits. Feel free to comment on anyone you do or can relate to 😂

1. If you play loud music (genre and volume wise) between the hours of 7am- 10am, I see you as someone without home training.

2. I’m prolly the most emotional person you’ll ever meet but you only see the Hard-guy. News flash, I cry too. Sometimes, I weep. Inside gist: My simultaneous talking and crying voice is the cutest. However, my crying face is usually bloated, swollen and ugly.

3. I eat a lot and cook a lot to an extent. But I have problem with serving this food. If I can get someone to serve for me, life will be amazing 😂

4. All the guys I’ve been involved with romantically have biblical names. So when I see someone in my dms with a biblical name, I’m like “God is he the one? 😂”

5. I want to learn how to pole dance and have a pole set up in my room. I feel it’s an art that is therapeutic with the right music.

6. I’m hardly understood by family and friends. A lot of times I feel alone as a result of this but I have a strong spirit so this rarely gets to me in fact I’ve accepted it. I pride myself in knowing that I follow Christ, I’m teachable with reason and I’m not perfect. P.S That we’re close doesn’t mean you understand me.

7. I’m a goal getter, ambitious, no nonsense , strong/soft hearted(I switch pretty good), fun, daring person and God-lover. I believe in growth and self development. With me, what you see is what you get. What you don’t see, you have to break through to access and get.

8. I strive to be comfortable in life because I’m a sucker for the good things of life like traveling, fashion and I like looking good. It oozes an aroma of undaunted feminine confidence.

9. I can’t stand disrespect in any attire it wants to wear. I block your number, spam your messages and delete. There’s hardly an in between for me.

10. I’m a very public private person. You think you know what’s going on in my life because I’m always writing or talking on social media BUT actually, you have no TRUE clue.


  1. In as much as i love cooking, i hate to serve. Like kill me already 😆 About number 1 lol i play loud musics on sunday morning while getting prepared to go to church hahahahaha but i sha have good home training.🤣🤣🤣 p.s when u start your training on pole dance make a video let me see something 😂

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  2. In essence, we without biblical names don’t stand a chance☹️🤦. By the way, it’s always a delight reading your write-ups.

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    1. 😂😂😂it’s not like that oo. Find out from your mum maybe, it’s like you have a hidden biblical name they’ve not told you about that one of your uncles gave you at birth😂


  3. so most likely if you see me you’d think I don’t have home training😂…it’s well…I’m on ear piece with loud music now sef😂

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    1. If you’re plugged hun that’s fine but talmbout using speakers.
      You don’t have home training
      You can’t ever convince me otherwise 😂


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