“Action speaks louder than words”. We all know this and we stop here. However, the knowledge I got and added to this is “Patterns speak louder than actions”. So here’s the full deal.

“Action speaks louder than words, patterns speaks louder than actions”. Today, I’m telling you to look beyond words and even beyond actions. Before you get into any friendship or relationship, look out for the patterns of what made you uncomfortable in your last and if you find it, don’t get in.

A lot of people do the opposite, thinking they’re already used to it. I really don’t know why people have familiarized hurt and pain. If you have, I’m telling you this week to START BREAKING AWAY.


  1. Word. “Patterns speak louder than actions”. But truly, sometimes, in being optimistic, people tend to ignore “obvious” patterns, and launch into the next relationship with the belief that “this could be different”.

    One’s mental health is truly to be quided jealously and unemotionally, and maybe selfishly; ’cause when it’s all being said and done, we can only function to the extent of our sanity.

    Once again Lois, concise but on point.

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