Hi guys, we’re halfway through the week and I just wanted to talk to your conscience. Not you. So just allow your conscience to kindly step forward.

Now I know that you know the meaning of separation. However, the real question I want to ask you is… “are you willing to be moved apart?”.

You, yes I’m talking you.

Are you ready to be moved apart from that career you’re not satisfied in and move into working on your dream job?

Are you ready to be moved apart from that partner you’ve loved for 6 years without reasonable progress and move into the self discovery that comes with singleness?

Are you ready to be moved apart from those friends that don’t match the lifestyle you’re trying to live and move into finding out people that live out that lifestyle or better still walk alone till you find them?

Summary: Are you ready to move out and part ways with your comfort zone? Are you ready to uncomfortably grow into your purpose/destiny?

You see, moving is never an easy task. Personally, I hate it because it can be emotional for me especially when I travel, make friends and memories and I have to move. You start having mixed feeling, flashes of enjoyable times but those things are only temporary because the longer you stay where you’re not supposed to be, the more weary you become, physically and emotionally. Moving is never comfortable but it’s something that MUST BE DONE TO STEP INTO A NEW PHASE.

So I’m asking finally

When are you going to move?

Move your heart and set it to the direction it should really be?


When are you going to separate yourself from all the distractions, noises, opinions and just move into an empty space to be built up?


  1. I personally never get tired of absorbing insights from Loispiration – the insights are always wordly; as someone passionately speaking to your ears.

    Change, like good byes aren’t easy, but often necessary.

    Once again, Thanks Lois for dropping this hot hot again!


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