Hi guys, it’s Friday and I’ll be talking about being genuine.

Words that are synonymous with this word revolve around real, authentic, original.

I wouldn’t even lie to you that my heart is full because I got into some messy money deal but glory be to God, I didn’t have to put someone in police custody. Everything has been sorted out and the person out of my life.

The past months were eye opening for me and I was all stuck up thinking, why can’t people be genuine? why can’t they be real? why can’t people just be themselves!

Just incase you didn’t know, not being genuine is MANIPULATIVE, DECEITFUL, BETRAYAL IN NATURE and you can’t do all of these to someone without being SELFISH.

I posted some weeks ago that If your character flaw supersedes your level of exposure physically and mentally, then there’s absolutely no need to get exposed.

Not being genuine in your partnerships, finances, relationships, general dealings hurts.

Leading people on, pretending to be what you’re not, hiding a serious character flaw, hurts. It really hurts.

Do you know what you do to people when you are not being genuine to them, you take their autonomy of choice from them because they are not working with real facts. You’re making them choose something they ordinarily wouldn’t choose If they knew full details and that’s just wickedness.

Regardless of whatsoever you’ve had to go through [if that’s your excuse], not being genuine just says “have a feel of what was done to me too” and that’s just totally wrong. Yes it’s easier said than done but think about the long run because it’ll hunt you someday and you’ll realize that no substantial person would be able to vouch for you.

Change before it’s too late. Always lay your cards on the table to let people know what they’re getting into.

I promise you, you’ll still be alive.


  1. Good frank words.

    It’s really a necessary “talking-to” that almost everyone needs to hear.

    It hurts a lot to always be a positive one; giving people an element and an avenue of doubt and an opportunity but only to almost get hurt doing so. It’s crazy, and no excuse from the “manipulator” will be good enough.

    Hurts never leave anyone the same, and we must also ourselves constantly learn not to be “corrupted” by the hurts we get.

    It’s a beautiful world we live in but – sometimes when we look around and in retrospect into our experiences – it can be hard to see, but the onus is on us to always SEE IT!

    On this piece as on others, well done. Good words. Strong words.

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