Hi guys, so it’s Friday and we’re catching some Christian cruise today😌.

Privileges are benefits enjoyed by particular people in different works of life. I’m really not going to talk about👇🏽

‘What is prayer?’

‘Types of prayer channels’ blah blah blah. NOPE!

I’m just going to talk about it from the perspective of it being one of the greatest benefits christians were given that has not fully been explored.

A lot of christians only know one type of prayer

‘Die by fire, die by fire

I bind you satan

I cast you out

Out you demon’

Calm down, that one dey…lol

But have you ever prayed when you’re down, like just expressing how you feel to God? Have you just stayed in deep meditation and asked God for peace? Have you on your own just thanked God for all the blessings and promises from the Bible that he will make manifest in your life?

Yassss, have you told God about that uncle that wants to be your boyfriend?. I said what I said with my full chest. Y’all be praying to God about everything but think he’s too old school to help you out with your partner?? Naah, you just don’t want to be guilt tripped whilst you fornicate😂😂. Don’t come for me!

Some christians are so funny. They be doing hard guy hard guy for God😒. Your case is very critical. Please retrace your steps.

Prayer is a privilege guys. What a time to be alive that I can drop all my burdens at the feet of God because I know he’s the problem solver and he’s bigger than all my problems. We really need to start living out the Bible for ourselves guys because christianity is a personal walk.

More than that, I’m coming to realize that it’s a lifestyle. So don’t stop talking the talk of the gospel and when it’s time to walk that talk, don’t back out either.

CHEERS to the weekend 😊.


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