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That being said…

I’ve crossed the 50% line in learning “how not to judge people”.

I’ve seen things,

I’ve experienced things,

I’ve listened to people share their personal stories with me,

I’ve stood outside perspectives.

Sometimes, I honestly don’t want to do anything but sigh and breathe.

Sometimes, the story teller can feel like the villain too.

Sometimes the story teller would want to give excuses because they’re just human.

Sometimes the story teller ends up getting involved with the narration.

Sometimes the story teller recognizes she has a heart.

Majority of us can relate to being in deep emotional dilemmas. Literature would call it between the inferno and the deep blue sea.

There’s really no way out because which ever option still hurts.

Being in tough situations were whatever decision you have to make, it’s either the persons emotions suffer or your emotions suffer. You do what’s best for you and you’re still thinking “if people hear this, they’ll judge me in the negative”

But guys, people weren’t there when your emotions were suffering too.

People didn’t see it.

People didn’t understand.

You might be able to relate to this because;

Sometimes it’s about winning even if it’s just once.

Sometimes it’s about peace.

Sometimes it’s about maintaining your self respect and integrity.

Sometimes, it just is what It is.

See you on Friday guys and I hope this post made you feel sometime of way that “you’re normal because people understand where you’re coming from”


      1. 😂😂😂unsatisfied much.
        How’s this for “un-Nigerian”; if you can relate to it, you wanna share to the house your experience?


  1. The take home for me in this write really is, sometimes, we don’t have the explanations, and that too, is just fine. Perhaps the only reasonable explanation will be geared towards one’s happiness and peace of mind, and that, my friend is fine too.
    A lot of times when we find ourselves in these corridors, we tedn to be grossly misunderstandood and our actions and inactions, misconstrued; it’s fine. Maybe it was meant to be too.

    Once again, thanks Lois.

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