There are three official languages spoken in Equatorial Guinea: Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Equatorial Guinea is the only African country where Spanish is spoken as an official and national language.

The local Spanish language spoken is known as Equatoguinean Spanish and it’s the major language spoken by about 70% of the total population. French and Portuguese were adopted official languages by the country to strengthen economic ties.

There are about 15 native languages spoken in Equatorial Guinea in which Fang, Bube, Kwasio, Seki and Batanga are the major languages.

Fang is the dominant native language which is the language of the Fang tribe. Fang is a Bantu language that is also spoken in northern Gabon and southern Cameroon. This language was used by Shakira in her song Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).

However, there are variants of the Fang language such as Ntumu by the Ntumu Fang people, Okak by the Okak Fang people, Make, Atsi or Batsi, Zaman or Nzaman.

Below are some common phrases in Fang language.

Hello (for one person) – M’bolo 

Hello (for many people) – M’bolani 

Response – Am’bolo; Am’bolani 

How are you? – Y’o num vah? 

Response – M’a num vah 

Good morning/Good afternoonM’bolo

Where are you going – Wa kuh vay? 

I’m going home – Ma kuh Andah 

I’m going to school – Ma ke see-kolo 

I’m going for a walk – Ma ke ma woolou 

I’m hungry – Ma woh zeng 

I’m sick – Ma kwan 

I understand French – Ma wok Flacci 

I don’t understand Fang – Ma wok ki Fang 

I don’t speak Fang – Ma kobe ki Fang 

What did you say – Wa dzon ah dzeh? 

I want to eat – Ma cuma adji Thank you – Akiba

Written and edited by Ebenezer Oladokun

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