Hi guys, officially from me to you, HAPPY NEW MONTH! Following the death of Chadwick, I’ve felt the need to emphasize on the need for people to be kind to others. I made this post couple of weeks ago and I felt putting it out now will be very timely.

A lot of times, the things I say are from what I’ve experienced. The things you see me write about are from things I’ve learnt along my journey, insights I’ve gotten from being opportuned to hear people’s stories personally and that is why I consciously tell myself not to judge.

A lot of people are carrying tons of emotional baggage on their shoulders. Baggage that contain healing, fixing, restoring, freeing, letting go, weeping, breathing. Baggage filled with emotional hurt of the past, sad memories, and traumatic events your brain just plays at the slightest trigger.

So you see people smoking, prostituting, using hard drugs, not being serious with life and you think all of it “might just be normal or is just peer pressure”. You have no clue of what peoples reactionary response looks like or the fastest escape route they take to “sanity”. You have no idea how much some people don’t even want to live but they just want to exist because they can’t seem to find the mental capacity to actually live. They’re drained.

So this is me telling you that the next time you see someone and you’re thinking “what kind of bad behavior is this”. Before you give that thought a voice, bear in mind that there can be bad actions but not necessarily bad behaviour because people live reactionary lives as a result of repeated adversity and other things than intentional lives.

This post is in no way supporting fraud or any vice that exists to damage people other than the primary engagers.

Be kind to people. In thought and in action, it costs nothing.


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