I wrote this when I was feeling some type of way and I’m putting it out now incase you are. It’s very personal but very relatable. Read through the lines patiently.

I think lately, I’ve had the desire to have deep conversations but nobody comes to mind.

I think I want to share my struggles but nobody comes to mind.

I think I want to talk about the pain and hurt that I hide effortlessly but nobody comes to mind.

I think I want to invite someone into my silence but nobody comes to mind.

I think I want someone to know how awkward and seemingly emotionless my unfiltered thoughts can be without Jesus but no one comes to mind.

And so I’m left to face my truth head on alone.

I’m left alone to read that book that cracks something inside me and just leaves me sober.

I’m left to listen to those lyrics, shed a tear or two and just go on with life because I don’t think I should be brooding all the time.

Superficial, surreal, this thing called life.

We do it alone,

We do it with others,

We split it,

Doesn’t change the fact that there are some feelings we may never be able to completely shake off, some hurts we may never be able to completely move past and some pains that no matter how hard we try to escape their influence, will totally leave imprints in our decisions.

I’m looking at my words through my screen and they seem very blurry.

My throat feels clogged.

I’m living and maneuvering my reality pretty well and I’m just hoping you are too in the sanest way possible.

I’m sorry dear readers, it’s not always fun and games. The aim of this blog is not to shield you from the realities of life with grammatical facades but to expose you to them.

We’re not always happy all the time. In our little corners, we take off the masks we wear to the world and just breathe.

It is one of those days.

I’m totally fine.

But I’m just breathing.

Have an amazing weekend guys and be comforted that if you feel this way sometime, I feel it too and you are absolutely sane and not alone.


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