Hi guys,

So we laughed on Wednesday and today we’re going to be a little bit serious. It’s Friday so please permit me. Storyyyyyy Storyyyyyy.

One day, I headed to town and on my way back, I took an Uber. I really did not know the directions to the plaza I was headed. He didn’t know too, so I suggested we use google maps. We were in my vicinity but I just didn’t know the area to the plaza.

From the beginning, the man was already complaining cause I got a promo and the place was far so you can imagine not knowing the location, he was more agitated but just didn’t want me to rate him bad. Here’s the highlight of the gist.

We were 5 MINUTES away using google maps. The map said “take the right turn” but he took the left and at this point I just wanted to get down so I wasn’t even paying attention”. I eventually got down and told him I was going to take a bike. It was cheap. So to do justice he gave me the bike money, fair enough. I took the bike and behold google maps was leading us right and my sub conscious hit me that the map said right and you allowed him turn left. We missed it JUST 5 MINUTES away but I think I missed it when I heard the complain and I didn’t cancel the trip.

Who is that friend that is unknowingly trying to bring you down with negative energy and bad vibes simply because they can’t really share your vision, they’d rather be doing something else or they’re just tired?

Who do you keep dragging with you on your life’s journey against their will?

Who are you giving so much control and power of your life to?

Mine was 5 minutes victory apart and just a drive. Yours could be worse. Who is riding with you?

Have a thoughtful weekend😊


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