Hi guys, It’s Wednesday…

So I was reading a christian fiction and the author talked about 1ST KING 17 in a light that I have never seen it before. Just goes to remind us how important it is to communicate with other believers and listen to messages from good preachers. However, that passage talked about how God told Elijah to go and dwell by a brook.

Then God commanded the raven to bring him food in the mornings and evenings. He was by the brook that definitely had water. The author said all his needs were supplied because he was at the place that God wanted him to be in . After a while, the brook dried up, the ravens stopped bringing food and God told Elijah to go to another place where he had already made provisions for Elijah to be sustained.

Now , if Elijah had stayed by the brook praying for the ravens to keep bringing food, he would have starved. The writer went ahead to say that at certain points in our lives, God sends us a message that it’s time for us to move and for those of us hard of hearing, he causes things to start drying up around us so we get the message clearly.

Our blessing is in obedience to God and his appointed place for us and I totally support the author. However, In order for us to be divinely positioned, we have to hear first but some of us cannot hear when God is speaking to us and giving us signs for so many reasons. Sometimes, we even misinterpret what we managed to hear.

My only advice is to check yourself guys. Just be conscious and keep asking God for directions so that you don’t misfire.

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