The Islands of Sao Tome and Principe, a small Portuguese speaking African country is home to some amazing and beautiful holiday relaxation and travel spots. Let’s check out some places that you won’t like to miss out when planning your vacation or baecation trip to this Central African country.


Sao Tome, the bigger Island of the archipelago of this Central African country is the capital and only real city of Sao Tome and Principe. 

Sao Tome

This city is known for its booming economy and market as it’s the economic capital and hub of Sao Tome and Principe. Sao Tome is also considered for its great political role as it serves as the administrative location of the country having major political seats.

Sao Tome is a beautiful city where you’d find historical buildings like the colonial buildings built in the past, Romanesque churches, Presidential Palace, Independence Square, National Museum.

Sao Tome is one of the most fascinating cities to visit when considering taking a vacation in the country.


Santana is a small town in Sao Tome located on the eastern edge of the island by the shoreline of the Atlantic ocean. The beautiful jungle which is composed of palm trees together with the volcanic hills adds to the attractions of this small city.

CLUB SANTANA BEACH & RESORT - Updated 2020 Prices & Hotel Reviews (Sao Tome  and Principe) - Tripadvisor
Club Santana Beach and Resort

Santana is popular for its club resort which is a popular lodge style resort with a beach front where you can view the ocean and it is a great spot for beach lovers.


Boca de inferno which translates to Hell’s mouth in English is a result of natural phenomenon of geological formations. The water waves go through a narrow path into a cave forcing its way out forcefully into the shore.

Boca de Inferno
Boca de Inferno (Hell’s Mouth)

Boca de inferno is located some distance south from the capital city of Sao Tome.


Looking for a city with lots of industries? Neves, a city located in the northwestern coast of Sao Tome Island is considered an industrial city at heart.

SÃO TOME-ET-PRINCIPE: $12 million from IDA for renewable energy development  | Afrik 21
Electricity Plant at Neves, Sao Tome and Principe

Neves city has factories, breweries, depots as well as an electricity plant. 


Obo National Park is the ideal place for nature lovers and it is the only National Park in Sao Tome. It is located in the southern side of Sao Tome covering over 195 square kilometers. 

Obo National Park
Obo National Park

It is a beautiful National Park composed of great wilderness of rainforest, mangroves and highlands which peaks into the clouds.

Side attractions here include mountain climbing, hiking, sightseeing animals such as grey parrots, mona monkeys, birds among others.

Written and edited by Ebenezer Oladokun

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