Hi guys, TGIF😊. Grab a seat and let’s talk about something you’ll really relate to. I’m being a bit personal today so you get the message.

So I’ve been relating with this friend of mine for some time now. Personally, I believe friendship is supposed to be solid before getting into a relationship. Here’s the thing though, most of my friends just know me on A VERY SERIOUS SURFACE level. I keep it that way because I feel not everyone is ready to handle my different layers and scars.

The highlight of this gist is that; Personally, I feel in this generation, everybody just wants the good stuff. “Yo, Lois… you’re energy is crazy, you rock girl, life of the party”. I know all these things trust me.

What I don’t know is if I’m willing to risk letting people into some parts of my life where they see through my energy on some days and tell me point blank “I know you posted that cause you were conflicted, I know you posted that cause you were just trying to cheer yourself up…”

Truth is, majority of people just love the good stuff and when there’s a pause, it’s like… yoooo sis, yooo bro, this isn’t the content we signed up for. Uhmmmmm you’re becoming boring, is this all you want to talk about, is this the only thing happening,it’s never that deep you know, brush it off. They seem to love you until they stop loving you.

So yeah, do you vibe with people just for appearances or you want to be involved in uncovering the layers that make those appearances make sense?

TGIF guys.❤️


  1. Hm. Appreciate this post, and the openness you are sharing with us here. Any relationships must be safe and trusting. And, as I’ve said to many people, and, yep, to myself too over the years; anyone you consider a friend, should take all that you have to offer, and all that you are. All of you. Not just the “good,” but all of it. And, it is your choice how, when, where, what, and to whom you share yourself with. Be well. 🙂

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    1. All relationships ought to go beyond surface appearances. It should involve every aspect, good, baby and ugly. Going back to your question, i would like to be involved in every aspect

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  2. Truth is if I’m in a relationship (friendship included), I want to know everything… but I find that a lot of my friends withhold a lot and show me just the surface, sometimes I’m even scared to open up about certain things just because the level of openness isn’t the same. I want to know everything because I also want them to know everything going on with me … oh well, 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    1. My dear girl, same here but with me, I feel friendships are formed based on a lot of criteria. So I might have a friend whose personality is not similar to mine and so naturally I won’t bother saying some things because I don’t expect her to relate to how I’ve processed it in my thoughts. I open up when I feel the same energy and I know the person understands me and is willing also.


      1. Now this, I relate to. Often times friends are categorized in our lives, so there are the hype men, the deep ones and the one that have people asking you why are you even friends with such or such person.

        So, yes I also want to open to people. But I almost always find myself asking “hey boo, which batch is this one”.

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  3. I feel like you can’t call someone who is just there for the vibe a friend ( that’s my opinion)
    To call someone a friend you have to be ready and willing to over look appearances and know that okay no one is perfect and most definitely there will be hard times…
    To be honest I feel like I can soo relate with this post cause these things happen a lot, most people that call them selves your friends are just there to cover up space, most of them don’t even know the real you all there own na omo that babe na vibe but when you need them they have disappear.
    Like Mimi said friends are categorized and I agree, I can say in my case I have FRIENDS ( used capital letter for a reason), hype masters, boring fellows, and some are just contacts lists…

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