Hi guyssssssss

It’s the last day in September and yes please, I’m excited because the year is practically over and our prayer is that we see the end of the year not the year seeing the end of us. Can I get an Ameeennn, Hallelujah “In my Black American Voice”

So let’s rewind to some two years back, I was working and Lord was I exhausted beyond exhausted. I was just randomly telling my male colleague and he gave me the best 1 minute massage of my life (when I go for my spa session, I’ll see if that changes 😂). He just massaged my shoulders so firmly, with this masculine grip, I kid you not guys, it was a different feel😂😂. Which brings us to the matter.

“I don’t want a man”

“I can do without a man” and all the likes. Hah, you people should be calming down ooo. Each time I think about that massage, I be thinking to myself “Lois, this can’t be you”😂😂

On a serious note. It’s one thing to need a man, it’s another to want. You’ll definitely NEED certain networks, connections, PEOPLE in life. However, YOU SHOULDN’T NEED SOMEONE TO COMPLETE YOU EMOTIONALLY. You can WANT that meaning. If the person is available or not, you’ll still be okay.

Then again when as a man or woman you think you don’t need and want the opposite gender. That’s perfectly fine😊. Provided IT IS SOLELY YOUR WELL INFORMED CHOICE. Not one taken out of pain, or people’s opinion or then again “feminism”. Please be enlightened so that you’ll not comman be telling us some 20 years down the line how you’re lonely and blaming it on feminism. You might even silently regret it.

Bottom line guys; Understand movements, stand with people from YOUR OWN REALITY and get gidi with love when it comes because no matter how masculine, there is a feeling that comes with the feminine effect. The feeling of gentility interwoven with your hard core. For the feminine, the feeling of being protected and being safely hid (argue with the space in between your teeth and tongue 😂)

Please don’t ask me any questions😂. See you on Friday

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