Hi guys,

So yesterday…

It was my country’s Independence Day and a lot of people had negative things to say and yes they were well justified.

However, I never speak negative regardless, except I’m truly pained. Which can be very annoying because getting to a certain level of understanding of purpose, pain and self control having to intertwine with your tongue and words is no small journey and you’re just more aware of certain things.

Regardless of that fact, we turned 60. A new age is always a thing of joy. A new birth is always celebrated.

So I choose to celebrate the Nigerians that’s didn’t give up,

The Nigerians that are struggling with the debris of COVID,

The Nigerians that rose from COVID,

The Nigerian Entrepreneurs that have become alternative governments,

The Nigerian Media Moguls that work hard to save our faces in the global scenery with all the internet scam making rounds,

The Nigerians that wake up, struggle, hustle and get things done,

The Nigerians that are activists, causing mental revolutions, volunteering to bridge the gap,

The Nigerian saying all the negative things but still getting things done irrespective of the status-quo,

So yeah, there are things worth celebrating.

We are not our country but we can’t deny the fact that our country has influenced some positive lifestyle to us that make Nigerians stay conquering and standing out all over the world and that is what I choose to celebrate this new year.

Happy Independence Day to Nigerians all over the World.

As a people, we are reminded that the definition of our freedom will continue to evolve and embracing the different definitions with every phase is truly what emancipates us.

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