Hi guys, how are we doingggggggg

So today, it’s all about a personal dicy personal experience.

I stepped out of my house on this particular day and I had to wear my white sneakers on my uniform. P.S [ I hate wearing my white sneakers because I know that I must wash it at the end of the day. It just has to come up with a stain]

On this particular day, I was trying so hard to be careful leaving my street. Jumping, waiting for cars to pass so nothing splashes on me and stains my sneakers. I was so careful guys but guess what, before I even got to the junction, there were stains on it. So I was really careful but I honestly couldn’t have been careful enough because ironically, white attracts dirt.

Isn’t that how we see our life?

We get into relationships, it ends up messy and we regret the day we met the person.

We go for events and something negative occurs and we say “if I knew, I wouldn’t have come here”

Well just maybe, just like white attracts stains, life in itself is supposed to attract challenges and mistakes. Then like washing the sneakers to be white again, we focus and become better people when we learn from these mistakes, let our pain teach us and learn through our challenges.

So enough of the “if I knew, what If I never, I regret the day…” it’s time to start healing, forging ahead and striving to become better.

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