Hey 20s, hey guysss, hey everybody, hey hey hey.

It’s FRIDAY and Ell oh Ell, I guess I’m a little bit hyped but yeah I just needed to err my mind so let’s go straight to the point and talk.

There is no blue print to parenting, motherhood, father hood and even childhood . Yes, even childhood. That you think children are supposed to behave a certain way doesn’t mean that’s how they’ll turn out eventually or they won’t deviate.

Our parents generation and the generation before them had majority of shared values and morals but you see our generation. Permit me, the woke generation, a lot is happening, a whole lot and a lot is changing.

Gender expectations are being redefined, sexual perception is changing, religion has started being permissible pending people’s opinions, every Tom Dick and harry has something to say on everything regardless of how shallow they actually are. The world is RELATIVE.

I can go on and on but it wouldn’t change the fact that nobody is truly going to prepare you for it better than you. Your parents might have their advice, older friends might weigh in but nobody can set the principles you want to live by for you. Nobody can interpret your emotions best than you and nobody can wear your shoes better than you.

The earlier you realized it, the better and start working towards it. Self- Development is key guys. Learn, unlearn, be emotionally intelligent because being conscious of the little things that make all the difference is very key in our present dispensation. So don’t say you weren’t told guys. Start preparing yourself.

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