Just incase you’re puzzled about the heading of this post; It spells 20th of October 2020. The day unarmed Nigerian civilians were massacred holding just the Nigerian flag by the Nigerian Army during the #ENDSARS protests and in my little way, I decided to pay tribute with a poem. This poem resonates and cuts across a lot of things so I humbly ask that you read in between the lines carefully. Here goes:

The things that scar us,

The things that trigger us,

The things we close our eyes and see but don’t want to remember.

The things that these things represent.,

Represent in different phases of our lives,

Holding different curcumstancial meanings and realities.

We may never fully talk about them,

We may never truly embody those hurts,

We may never say the stories without fragments.

Society’s indelible imprints on our destinies…

To some, a scar to forge ahead,

To some, a wound to always tender.

Burying the dead…

Below the ground,

In our hearts,

Do they truly die or we let them fade away?

To the massacred…

For amplifying our voices more than a thousand megaphones,

For showing the world the brave side of our truth,

We wear you like badges in our hearts with stars just beside your cause.

We will never forget!

I hope we never forget…


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