Hi guys, officially we’re back and ready to give you gists, charges, sweet voice, love stories and everything we’ve been giving you 😊.

Why did I leave??? Well, October wasn’t a good month mentally for the African Continent. A lot of people needed to take mental and social media breaks. I’m a Nigerian so we were going through the #endsars protests ordeal and I thought I could handle everything and try to be informed at the same time.

Then I just realized how messed up I was. Personally, this year has been a very emotional one for me and I’ve been getting by one foot in front of the other but I came to notice that it was the protests and beyond for me, it was the massacre, the system of governance, it was looking at my country and asking a lot of questions that no one will ever answer.

This type of frustration hits you bad and if the string on it was pulled by me dwelling in that emotional space and not taking a break, I prolly would have had a melt down and trust me, if you’ve experienced those, they’re not pretty.

It’s good to take breaks every now and then just to ensure we’re rejuvenating and staying on top of our mental games. We’re back regardless and ready for November and December as we all wind down and pray for better. Trusting that November brings a cleansing and heals the wounds in our hearts.

Have a graceful weekend guys.

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