Written by Liciano Diangellis

10th Grade / Couple of weeks before Summer vacation…

Got friendzoned by three girls. One day as I was having lunch at the cafeteria, this other girl smiled at me. It was the innocent, shy, child-like kind of smile. I was also very inexperienced, a virgin and pretty much had nothing to do with relationships and the only things related to it are my failed attempts to hook up.

Last day of school, I finally gathered the courage to ask her up. She said ‘yes’. It felt like the whole world is slowing down because of my happiness just like those slow-mo moments you see in movies. I was thrilled, filled with excitement and started thinking that I finally ‘broke’ the curse. Still, my emotions were pilled up and never managed to show how much this whole experience meant to me. ( later on, you’ll see why this wasn’t even a bad idea)

We hung out having ice cream, stood late up all night talking to each other on the phone like horny teenagers do, fuck, we even held hands. It was the greatest summer of my life.

5 months later…

She lost any bit of interest. As soon as school started, she stopped messaging me, refused to hang out and I didn’t mind. I mean school’s important especially that most students are already studying for their SAT’s so I figured same thing was happening to her too.

My trust was misplaced. It turned out she was cheating on me all the time even during our summer break with another guy, or more exactly, she was cheating on him as the guy left a couple of weeks prior the last day of school. She played us both. Anyway, the guy was already back in town and a close friend of mine sent me a picture of her making out with this dude. My heart literally sinked. I even threw up in disgust and since then, I stopped putting my feelings on the table.

1 year and a half later…

I blocked all contacts and we never heard of each other again. So, I kept trying with other girls. More failures than successes but it didn’t matter. As long as my mind was not focused with this particular person, nothing else mattered.

A total of five years have passed since that unpleasant experience and I stopped being the good guy. Had sex for more times than I can possibly remember, been cheated on, cheated on others and don’t regret one bit. I was naive, innocent, tried to keep a positive view about the world but it wasn’t meant to be.

Sometimes, I still feel empty but as long as I have fun, who’s gonna judge, right?


So guys, what was the Love story that broke you? and going further, changed the fairytale, innocent, lovey-dovey perspective you had about love???


  1. I actually didn’t imagine from the beginning with the way the love issh was captured that the guy will later be a cheat champion 😂😂 but it is what it is 😂😂😂🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

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  2. Lois thanks for this. I actually believe this because most people who end up being the baddest guys or girls were once good ones but because of a bad relationship. Everything went wrong. I believe that’s why we all need to heal before we deal when about to go into another relationship. Especially the right one! God help us

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  3. But seriously even though it would be nice to have a good first impression of love the sad truth is most people’s starting point is like this.


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