Sorry, if you didn’t have the strength to call out all the zeros. Let me make it easy on your sub-conscious.

Twenty Twentyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

What a year that everyone can relate to emotional pain guys. This is me saying this and giving all of you hugs in my head in between laughter, tears, and OMO x 1,00000

This was the year that opened a wound in my emotional space and when that wound was healing, came back to poke the wound again. So you get the picture guys. Different phases with increased pain.

The wound is definitely not going to heal properly because something is always opening it. The wound is going to take longer to heal. You have to learn to live with the open wound until the “pokes” stop. And nooooooo, you don’t need to patronize me, this is me telling you all you need to know about Thick Skin 101.

If there was ever a year I thought I would have a melt-down, c’mon it had to be this year but excuse me. I’m looking up and down, have an out burst already 😒😒😒. But NO.

I’ve pushed a lot at the back of my mind, ran-away from my emotions, felt numb to a lot of feelings, used distractions and laughed so hard I felt when this out burst comes; Lois you had better be ready.

News flash guys, we’re getting into DECEMBER, thank you Jesus…I see no outburst.

I’ve been taking in these emotional pains and phases with my full chest guys. Life has been teaching me a lot that I would say I’m privileged to learn at 21 and as I approach 22, I’m grateful because I’m not coming back to deal with the emotions of 21. I’m also happy I didn’t rush it and trivialize it as easy as it looked to deal with. Going through emotional phases and transitioning for over 3 months🥺😩. I deserve a pat in the back please.

Summary of the gist; You never know how you get thick skin till you get one. So I’m just being intentional about my journey: A very huge SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE MEN. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL MEN’S day. Thank you for protecting us, providing for us, loving us, telling us your atm pins😂. We appreciate you. I’ll show y’all more love next week. 🥂 to the weekend.

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