Senegal is a West African multilingual country with more than 30 languages. The official language of Senegal is French introduced by the colonial masters. It is used in administrative duties and in schools.

There are a number of native languages spoken by the people of Senegal, some of them include Wolof, Fula, Pulaar, Mandinka, Balanta-Ganja, Mandjak, Hassaniya Arabic, Noon, Jola-Fonyi, Serer, Soninke, and Mankanya.

The Wolof language which is the native language of the Wolof tribe is the most widely spoken native language in Senegal as it is one of the main languages spoken by a majority of the population.

Below are some common phrases in Wolof language for you to learn.

Hello – Salaam aleekum/Na nga def/Na ngeen def

How are you? –  Jaam nga am?/Na nga def?

Reply to How are you? – Jaam rek, Yow nag? (Peace only, and you?)/Mangi fi rekk, na nga def?

What’s your name? – Naka-nga sant?/Na nga tudd?

My name is… – Maa ngi tudd …/… laa tudd

Where are you from? – Fan nga joge?/Fan ngeen joge?

I’m from… – Maa ngi joge …/… laa joge

Good morning – Jaam nga fanane

Good afternoon – Jamm nga yendoo

Good evening – Naka ngon si

Goodbye –  Ba beneen/Mangi dem

Goodluck – Màa ngui lay nianal weurseuk

Have a nice day – Yendu ak jàam

Do you speak English? – Ndax dégg nga angale?

Excuse me – Baal ma

Sorry – Baal ma

Please – La neexee

Thank you – Jai-rruh-jef

Written and edited by Ebenezer Oladokun

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