Yes, I miss you too but please permit me to say…

What a year!

What a year guys!

What a year!

I know y’all have been wondering where I went to. As usual, I’ll catch up and drop the gist either here or in a podcast. I’m not decided yet. I can only tell you that I’m openly admitting that I need to do better. I need to stop letting my emotions dabble with my consistency.

There was content to post up but different things happened and at some point I called off all posts cause I didn’t want to channel negative energy that would be obvious to some people no matter how diplomatic I tried to make it sound. I just felt that I needed to take care of myself and emotions so as to be able to give you guys my best with all the vibes and positive energy that y’all deserve.

Safe to say that it’s a wrap guys. 2020 came hard. We do not know what 2021 is going to hold but all I want to tell you today is GET EXCITED OVER THE POSSIBILITY. What do I mean?

Well, I already have like 3 ideas for online courses that I want to take in different fields that would enhance my cv, my knowledge about those subject matters and lastly, open me up to and make me pique my brain over possibilities that I have no idea right now exist. I kid you not guys, I’M EXCITED 😊 AND I CAN’T WAIT TO BURY MY HEAD IN A NEW PROJECT AND BE AMAZED AT HOW LOIS’ INTELLECTUAL CAPACITY CAN BE STRETCHED.

So I’m encouraging you to do same too. What’s there to lose🤷🏽‍♀️. As you step into the new year, plan to be better, a better version of yourself in deeds, thought, character. Even if you don’t do all but do at least one to make sure you exceed your 2020 self.

Till I see you next year. Love and light. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love always Lois❤️

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