It’s January 2021 guys… phewwwwwwww

Boy did 2020 run and I liked the speed. Ironically, ever since I was little I always said I want my 21st year to go slowly. Well, I’m glad God didn’t honour that prayer else regardless of all the wins, all the pains that came with 2020 would have cut through more deeply.

I honestly don’t want to tell you to plan because that’s cliche and you always have to plan be it the beginning of the year or the end. But I think there’s one thing that comes with fresh beginnings generally. They give you the chance to re-strategize, have an overview, think clearly both in retrospect and perspective and analyze better what you really want.

Key words in the previous paragraph guys “retrospect and perspective” the former being the past and the latter being the future which is now. We all saw how 2020 took us by surprise, changed our living pattern, re-defined our priorities, showed us the fickleness of life and made us see the need for love and compassion.

2021 is here and this is me thinking all the themes 2020 taught you are going to be infused in how you plan for this new year.

It’s not easy but may we continue to draw strength from God. May he help us to draw grace from him and offer it in extension where it is needed. May he heal our wounds and may he sustain and keep us this year.

The Curtains are officially drawn for Loispiration. Let’s do 2021 guys.


  1. “showed us the fickleness of life” my focused phrase. Yes and yes again low key scr*w 2020 but the lessons must be imbued in 2021 and beyond. Love, beautiful write up yet again. 😘

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