TGIF guysssss. It’s Friday and this topic has been trending this week. Let’s settle this here and now!

So for starters, I’ll go with the title, I’m not even making an attempt to duplicate the Charlie. Let’s be guided, this 2021 just started. A lot of people are fasting with programs organized by their church for a good year. I no fit loose guard.

I’m approaching this trend from a very shallow point of view because I don’t even want to know the details. All I know is that you’ll write some things on a paper. Put two pencils or pens in a cross form and I don’t know again.

You people should be guided ooh. Nigerians will be saying “nothing, nothing, it’s not real…” Why do you want to put your hand inside something you don’t know. Haven’t you seen conjuring, truth and dare, and the likes?

I don’t even understand some people. You’ve not finished pleading blood of Jesus regularly. As in your regular dose of blood of Jesus is once in a while. You want to do charlie, before you know, NEPA will take light and you’ll be sweating in the middle of the night shouting blood of Jesus, I cast and bind, Holy-Ghost fire, your curtain will be blowing funny😂😂.

Yes you, if you like don’t stop now before you know, you’ll be sleeping with bible opened on top your chest and anointing oil beside you. Worse, you may even play Christian music in the background before you sleep. What kind of tension is that?😂. If you like, call me fear fear, ehn I agree, anything that will cost me my physical and spiritual peace this 2021, I bind and cast.

I hope you guys desist, I hope you missed my gist and I hope you had a good laugh😊😌. See you when I see you ❤️


  1. But like sometimes somethings dey burst my brain oooo. How you go fet call this Charlie *thing* with your chest when you dont even know whether ebe man or woman. I beg female spirits are either aggressive or really emotional (you people no dey watch nollywood again) and dont even get me started with the Male ghost.

    Hmmmm. I beg. Let me not know what Charlie knows. Keep it. I’m fine.

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