Hi guys, it’s Friday and I know I know, Friday should give off happy, turn up vibes but it is what is for the weekend.

Following the death of the digital media strategist, Dele, there’s been a lot of awareness on depression, mental health and even if we need not wait till suicide happens, it’s still very applaudable.

So I was thinking randomly and I’ve been seeing a lot of people post up on their platforms “if you’re depressed, say something, suicide is not the way”. Well, everybody talks everyday so long as you’re not deaf and dumb. Depressed people talk and either we’re not listening or we don’t stay committed to listening because a depressed person in most cases will not come out to tell you “Hey, I’m depressed”.

If we’re being honest, you’re telling a person to talk to you that CANNOT see past his/her pain, that can’t coherently interpret how they’re feeling, that is trying to process what they can’t understand. Most times it’ll look like a scattered room and this person is very arranged, it’ll look like going off all social media and this person is media savvy, it’ll look like increased sarcasm and “seemingly” unnecessary humour, it’ll look like always wanting to sleep, it’ll look like posting inspirational videos, funny videos, a switch in regular posts…. The list is long but one thing it won’t most likely look like, is “I’m depressed”

Your depressed friend will also most likely not talk to you because they can see your over familiarity is already clouding your judgements. “It’s not that deep, you’ll be fine, bro’s shake this thing na, na this small thing dey stress you, die that matter”. Same over familiarity that makes you not to notice the switch in their posts and behaviour.

Suicide is one of the easiest things to do when someone is emotionally frustrated, irrational, tired, can’t see past their pain and lacks the will power and strength to understand that their emotional pain threshold can stretch.

The sad truth is that it’ll be easy for your depressed friend to reach out to a stranger than you. 95% of us are on this table. No need to blame yourself. Just be more observant and patient with your friends enough to reach out because a depressed person will most likely not reach out to disturb you with sad news when everybody is also trying to do life and you might be going through your challenges as well.

Either ways guys, I’ll be leaving a free helpline below. Be sure to repost and check on a friend today. More importantly, check on a strong friend.


  1. Nice one, this is very important and the truth is a lot of people don’t know this. These days Friendships now focus on the social and the physical thereby neglecting the emotional, mental and also spiritual.
    It’s okay to check up on your friends at least once in a while to see how they are doing not just to ask for Favours and hype hype all the time..
    Thanks for this post…
    This is a way to reach out to the ones out there, scared to reach out.

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    1. I agree with what you’ve said. The time I suffered depression the most, It wasn’t easy to communicate at all to my friends. I appreciate this post

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  2. This is such an interesting post! Thank you for highlighting some errors that people make when trying to help someone who is deeply depressed. It reminds me of the book of “Job” in the Bible, when his friends spent the first week sat with him in silence and just wept with him . The problems started when they opened their mouths and almost drove him to suicide and homicide for that matter, because who wouldn’t have wanted to throttle them for their incessant insensitive words?

    Have you struggled with depression yourself or are you a counsellor?

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    1. Hi, I wouldn’t say I have full blown.
      God always helps me back on my feet when I’m at my lowest.
      Thanks for appreciating the post.
      Please share on your platforms and if you think we can work together in anything , kindly contact me in the contact section found in the drop down menu.

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