It’s Fridayyyyyy and this gist is hot. I just brought it down from the fire so grab your seat quickly so you can be served. I’ll be serving you all the details, leaving no scene out . So, let’s roll 😌😎.

I went for a friends hang out. Everybody was hyped, dancing, doing leg work. Time to go home, my friends and I ordered an Uber. The first one wasn’t ready to stop at some places so we ordered another one.

It was late in the night, street lights were turned on and there was this open square ditch. The worse part of this is that we saw a mentally unstable man urinate in the ditch (ahhh, this life).

Our Uber driver came eventually and parked in a way that covered the ditch but didn’t, so we totally forgot about it. As I took a step to enter the car, my left leg entered the ditch with force, my right leg was on dry land and the next thing that followed was a scream and then sharp pain. My three male friends literally dragged me across to just exercise my leg and told the driver to turn around.

Long story short, the pains were severe and I needed to massage it so your girl could stop limping and start working. I was deceived thinking the massage was going to be done by women. Ladies and gentlemen… Just one man held my two arms to the back and the other one massaged my leg to shift my bone back. I went through the the most painful 7 minutes of my adult life.

Thank you for staying and reading, this happened to me sometime in October. You, that you’re an amebo and was waiting for savvy gist to make you sleep well this Friday night, Kai…Repent😂😂. Please go for massages oo (I’ve received pretty good ones) but I mean professional ones. Not the one you’ll exchange numbers after to forni-coughs😂😂

Well lastly, life can be unpredictable positively and otherwise. This minute I’m dancing hale and hearty, next minute I’m being dragged across the street for support.

Bottom line guys…Hold whatever you hold sacred dearly because life is unpredictable and please, try not to fall in a ditch, physically and otherwise.

Enjoy your weekend😊


  1. This girl🤣 is that the end? Hei God i didn’t want to trust you with this your gist🤔 lol because i know when it’s getting interesting lol you will take us back to real life🤪 like “hey wake up! stop your imagination “

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