Hi guys, so it’s the first Love Wednesday for the year and today we’re talking about an after love story. I think these stories are not talked about often so let’s get into it.

Written by: Prasanna Venkatesh

It was two long years. Fate or coincidence, they both met each other again. Not as strangers, but this time with loads of memories. He stood frozen as he was so happy to see her again. She couldn’t look at him as she was guilty and overwhelmed. He could see her tired eyes, wanted to hug her tight and say “Everything will be fine. Take care dear”. Emotions ruled the scene. All the Worlds a stage and both of them were the leads in the play called LIFE.

He composed his thoughts, gathered up the courage and shook hands with her and told a “Hi”, smiling outside, but weeping inside. The moment where he guided her hair behind her ears in the last picture of hers flashed in his mind and all those emotions of love and togetherness preoccupied his mind. All she could think was “I know how much you are hurt and I don’t know what I am going to do to make up for it”.

Their minds spoke those words and the other person exactly deciphered the others thoughts. And they both left saying a “Hi”, still hoping that the other should be happy. Sometimes, SILENCE speaks a thousand words, with more deeper meaning.

He had this to say…👇🏽

My love for you is still true and Genuine.
But you broke my heart a million times over a few months.
Ignored me, wanted me to stay away and move on.
Saying Friendship as the reason.
But little did you know
Than even those million broken pieces of my heart
Picked themselves up again and again and
Still loves you to the core.
And wishes that you will understand some day.
And that it wont be too late.

The end.

I’ll be in the comment section dropping thoughts. See you there.


  1. Seriously, i wish to met someone, someday in the future and work things out. Start a new beginning because am sad how things turned out between us. But you cannot be chasing man 😄 so you just have to respect their decisions. To him,he feels his doing me a favour by letting go probably i will find someone else that suits me better but little did he know that he’s all i want. Sometimes i feel it’s all my fault maybe i made him believe his not good enough for me😒

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