Hi guys, so the title might be looking familiar and you’re not in the wrong. The book was written by Gary Chapman who is an authority in love and dating. I finished the book couple of days back and took out some of the important notes you need to know.

So we’ll be running the excerpts from the book Today and Friday. We’re after all in the month of love and this might help someone gain some clarity.

1. A lot of people have limited perspectives about being in love.

2. What does “I love you” mean to you?

3. Often times with our partner, we fail to consider that our social, spiritual and intellectual interests are miles apart. Our value systems and goals are contradictory, but “we’re in love”

4. Research shows that the average lifespan of the in love obsession is two years. Then we come down off the emotional high and those aspects of life that we disregarded in our euphoria begin to become important.

5. Our ideas and perceptions of life are influenced by our history, our values and our personality and these factors are different for each of us.

6. There is always a solution to a conflict and two individuals who choose to be friends will find that solution.

7. Love always involves some sacrifice.

8. The only healthy response to an apology is forgiveness.

9. Forgiveness, does not remove all the consequences of wrong behaviour.

10. Forgiveness does not rebuild or automatically restore trust but it opens the door to the possibility that trust can be regained.

11. Forgiveness does not always result in reconciliation.

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