He plucks a flower as she runs ahead into the gates that held the serenity of the beach just as the sun was setting…

Only the sound of waves filled the air.

He knew she lived for moments like this.

Slipping the flowers behind her ears, she turned to look him in the eye…


Sorry, I had to pause that imagination to tell you that this is not Nollywood, song will not start playing in the background.

Neither is this Bollywood, costumes and dance steps will not magically appear and people will not come out unexpectedly from the beach to join them 😂😂


She looked him straight in the eye and all she could think about was how this man had given her the whole world but she just didn’t know how to accept this blissful love. All her life, she’d known only the type of love that came with pain, emotional torture, building through tears and labouring. Here was a love, laid on the sacrifice of committed willingness and she just couldn’t, she just didn’t know how…

He brushed her cheeks lightly, how could he tell her that he was diagnosed of AIDS. Even if their love was to last a little longer, yes he was loving her sacrificially, but she was going to sacrifice more. It was going to be a journey of pain. Possibilities of no children, death, tears, unfulfilled love but he loved her, oh how much he loved her…

1. Could he have told her the plain truth and left her to decide, unknowing to him she wanted a love with pain?

2. She wanted a love with pain but do you think she wanted to set the boundaries for those pain and probably wouldn’t have loved him all the way?

3. Should she have continued her love for him out of pity?

4. What would you do if you were the man or the lady?

5. Who was the true scum?

6. Who should bail on the love?

Open to Singles and Valumtime People (Doubles)

I’ll be in the comment section waiting for your anonymous arguments 😂


  1. Let’s imagine their names are Philip and Kate 😏

    Diagnosed with AIDS?
    Bro Philip needs to tell her the plain truth. It’s literally criminal to keep such health status away from one’s partner (at least in the US, I don’t know about our dear country)

    And for Sister Kate, if she can’t accept being loved genuinely and without pain, she should let him know that “ Bro Philip o, if you’re not hurting me small small, I won’t believe you truly love me. Leave unconditional love for Jesus.”

    Sha, both of them need to have these conversations.

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