Love is definitely in the air as we draw nearer to the 14th. I wrap up my week here with you my dear readers and since I’m not loving up personally, I’ve decided to leave a piece for you. Single, Boo’ed up or Just there. I hope you read it out loud to your hearing, feel the warmth from me to you and remind yourself that you’re worth the beautiful love that you deserve.

Love me in my bald head

Love me in my Afro

Love me in a drop down cleavage revealing dress

Love me in my knee length skirt

Love me in my contradictions

Love me in my applaudable sanity

Love my in my irrationalities

Love me in my resoluteness

Love me in my convictions

Love me in my indifferences

Love me in my pain

Love me in my joy

Love me in my malady

Love me in my meticulousness

In the days were I choose to leave you hand-written love letters, love me

In the days were it seems I can’t stand your presence, love me

In the days were I want to waltz to the rhythm of only the memories of us, love me

In the days were not just my steps but my speech fails to utter a word to you, love me

In the days were my eyes glisten to reveal our truths and conquered battles, love me

In the days were they’re just bland that I can’t even hold your gaze, love me.

I know I’m not asking too much.

Yes, I would do the same for you.

All I’m really saying is, JUST LOVE ME.



    1. Who are you😭😭😭stop this someone joke.
      Thank you for loving it but show ya face😭
      I honestly don’t even know if I want to know.


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