Written by Anonymous

I think about every single thing. I don’t go through all of them in my day but everyday, I’m reminded of one thing. The things I saw as embarrassing, you wouldn’t even flicker. It sure tamed my prim and proper side and made me more comfortable.

Or was it how you never hesitated to show and not tell me every single time how much you wanted me. Or the random “God, you’re so beautiful” I didn’t have to pretend to be anything I wasn’t cause you indulged me way too much and In that I saw optimum trust.

I thought I was an over thinker until I went M.I.A and you tried using a gps tracker. Then, identifying as secret admirer or wanting to help out with everything.

I’m typing this and laughing with a teary eye, oooh I miss a lot of things. Our valentine would have been so beautiful and when I say beautiful, I don’t mean conventional. I think I would have gone with something out of the blues.

With everyday that passes, it becomes easier to accept. Would I want to try again, not right now, thank you, I’ll pass. I’m unwinding from that life. However, until someone better comes along to over turn the table you set, you’re still my best man and secret admirer.

I’m telling the Cupid angel to help deliver it to you and she’s asking the name of the sender. I’m telling her “with Christ’s love from Sugar Baby”

What do you guys think about this story? It is actually a letter an anonymous lover put up. Not knowing if the partner would see it or not but just putting out there. I’ll be in the comment section.

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