And someday, you’ll be on your rocking chair or playing with your grand child, you may be holding your comb, stirring at your reflection right in front of you.

And the only thing that you would think of are your choices.

Yes life may have humbled you, you may have it all or you may have learnt the hard way. Regardless, your mind will trace the choices and oh, the choices would bring back memories.

And maybe you’ll ask yourself if it was worth it, all the years gone by and you’ll search for an answer deep within. You’ll remember hurts, old pains replaced by new ones, you’ll compare and laugh. You’ll remember love, you’ll compare and laugh.

But maybe you’re still redeemable, maybe something is telling you to switch your steps, maybe you still have a shot at this. But something is telling you don’t do this, say no, don’t leave, don’t go.

But what are you going to do, it’s your call and you know it. You could blame it on youthful exuberance, you could blame it on your early 20s, you could easily get away with it.

But don’t act like you weren’t told, don’t act like examples weren’t shown you, don’t act deceived, don’t act misguided, don’t act unaware, don’t act oblivious.

If you do something now, If you think ahead, if you let the pain have it’s way, if you let the failure get to you, if you allow depression sweep you away, if…

And- the future

But- the present

If- the bridge

What’s it gonna be?

Think about your decisions and it’s long term effect guys. Be intentional about them.

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