It’s podcast Friday and yes it’s been a while but I’m here now and this episode was done with a certain favorite.

We talked about ninety-eight percent of the things that happened this February on social media in Nigeria. From Valentine’s Day to the Headies. We didn’t leave out Namaste Wahala, babies popping everywhere, the Wellington’s Surprise, Mo Abudu and Occupy Lekki amongst others and all of this was done with a sprinkle of tongue twisters here and there.

It’s a good podcast for the road and I can guarantee you a smile before you’re done with it.

General Link👇🏽

Apple Podcast👇🏽

Cruise, Vibes, Laughter and beaming faces is all you need for the weekend and I’m bringing it to your doorstep as we approach the new month😊. THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY.

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